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What are main languages in Nepal?

How many languages are spoken in Nepal? what are main languages in Nepal?

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Though different languages are spoken in same locality, Nepali has become a Main language of Nepal as it is used in education and daily life of several Nepalese, administration, communication media, etc. Almost before 60 years, until king and government made Nepali the primary language, each isolated area basically spoke their own language.
There are 123 languages spoken as mother tongue reported in census 2011. Nepali is spoken as mother tongue by 44.6 percent (11,826,953) of the total population followed by Maithili (11.7% 3,092,530).” – Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)
Besides Nepali There are some other local language spoken such as:
1, Maithili 11.7%
2, Bhojpuri 5.98 %
3, Tharu5.77 3%
4, Tamang5.1%
5, Nepal Bhasa (Newari) 3.2%
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