Arpan Khadka 1 month ago

Which is the oldest temple of wood in Nepal?

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Go Nepal Tours 1 month ago
Changu Narayan
Changu Naryan which Historical Pillar erected by Mandeva in 464 AD is the oldest temple in Nepal. Temple was build using Wood and stone as well. Which also called the history of Nepal is starts from this temple. That mean the earliest monument found in Nepal is the Changu Narayan Temple.
Temple is situated at the top of the hill surrounded by a forest of Champak tree. On the main way to temple courtyard, we can find a human settlement. People from Newar community live in and around Changu Narayan area. With the development of tourism in this place, we can find many medium and small sized hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc. An ancient stone tap is located on the way to Changunaran which is believed to have existed since the time of Lichhavi. Changu Naryan Temple Nepal The oldest Temple of Nepal
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