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What Are Top Group of Companies in Nepal?

Nepal is a small landlocked country. Although Nepal has to depend on the products imported from other countries, What are the top business group there are in Nepal?

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There are some top business houses in Nepal which has been gaining rapid reputation and success in production and marketing of products as well as other economic activities. Five among such successful groups of companies/organizations are listed below:

1, Chaudhary Group (CG)

One of the most popular and leading groups of organizations in Nepal is the Chaudhary Group, popularly known as CG. Currently led and managed by Binod Chaudhary, the first billionaire of Nepal, the group has been present in the country for more than 136 years and during this period, it has earned itself the reputation of being biggest company of Nepal. Owning over forty five companies, sixty brands in thirty countries and giving job to over six thousand employees, CG has been able to cover Food and Beverages, Education, Real Estate, Financial Services, Hydro Power, Infrastructure, Telecom, Cement, Hotels and Resorts, Biotech, Electronics and White goods, Energy, FMCG, Realty to Retail, etc. as its core area of business.

2, Khetan Group

Khetan Group was started in Nepal by Shree Purna Lam Bihari Lal Khetan. The group has succeed in finding itself a niche in Nepali business and economic field with its diverse interest and involvement in the field of mining, fast moving consumer goods like beverages, food stuff and service industries like insurance, banking/financial services, telecommunications, IT, real estate, investments, energy, etc.

3, Sharada Group

With an annual turnover of more than US $ 150 million, Sharda Group has been able to earn itself the reputation of being one of the top business groups in Nepal. Since 1970, the group that has been involved in production and marketing of carpet and wool, cement, flour and rice, homecare, noodles and snacks, oil and ghee, oxygen, plastic, rubber and footwear, soaps and chemicals and wires and cables. The group started its business with garment industries but it was the establishment of a rice mill at Lahan in 1948 which gave it the real success.

4,Vaidya’s Organizations

One of the most dynamic business houses in Nepal, Vaidya’s Organization of Industries and Trading Houses or VOITH represents a wide range of integrated trading houses, industrial enterprises, services, construction activities and educational academics. Some of the companies operated by VOITH are United Traders Syndicate (UTS) Private Limited, Subirasa Incorporated Private Limited, Sujaki Incorporated Private Limited, Vijaya Motors Private Limited and Agni Incorporated Private Limited for automobiles, Guranse Tea Estate Private Limited, Mai-Ilam Guranse Tea Industries Private Limited and Nirvana Tea Processing and Packaging Private Limited for tea production and packaging, Agri Breeders Private Limited and Nepal Wellhope Agri-Tech Private Limited for dealing with agri-products, Nepal Singha Construction Private Limited, NeKo Alliance and Tawache Brick and Tile Industry for construction and Vijaya Academy of Health and Science for education.

5,Jyoti Group

Jyoti Group is one of the leading business houses in Nepal founded by Maniharsha Jyoti Kansakar. Jyoti Group of Companies, although its major field of business is travel, is also involved in other sectors. Some of the companies that comes under the sole as well as joint venture of the Jyoti Group are Syakar Company Limited, Himal Iron and Steel Private Limited, Himal Wires Private Limited, Himal Oxygen Private Limited, Bhajuratna Engineering and Sales, Bajuratna Pharma Private Limited, Syamukapu, Suruchi Travels and Tours (1990), Himal Agencies, Jyoti Yarn Processing Private Limited (1994), Jay Spinning Private Limited (1989), Butwal Power Company (1966), Sagarmatha Insurance (1996) and Grande Hospital (2012).

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