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Camping trek or tea house?

Which trekking is best camping trek or tea house in Nepali trekking route? What is the difference between camping and tea house lodge trek?

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Trekking can be organize different ways in Nepal supported by crew team and necessary logistic supplies a full board basis and other way staying at tea house for food and accommodation along the journey. These two types of trekking is ever most popular trekking arrangement in Nepal and besides some groups also having partial service based – support of guide, porters and staying at local lodge.
What is Tea house trekking?
In Nepal Tea house trekking is the most popular form of arrangement which allows trekkers to stay at local lodge and have wholesome foods and comfortable bed. Tea House lodge stay facility is available manly in regular and most popular routes – Annapurna, Everest and Langtang areas. Along the trek you will have some best facility available and some are very basic so it requires compromising with your consideration and keeping in mind sense of adventure. It is managed by local community lodges along the more popular trekking routes;
Usually our day on Teahouse trekking starts around 6:30-7:00 am, you can order your breakfast in teahouse lodge after dinner or before go to bed. In the morning after breakfast having - bread, jam, Muesli, Porridge, boiled egg, tea or coffee depending on your choice we start the day’s hike.
What is Camping Trekking?
Camping trek is fully supported by team members with supplies of all necessary logistics. The complete equipment- tents, sleeping mats, dining tent, kitchen equipment, foods etc are provided by the company. In group along the camping trek will be involved of guide, cook, camping staffs, kitchen team and porters. Along the trekking end of the day they will fixed the campsite as best possible places, prepare foods and overnight halt. In the morning set off the camp site have breakfast and continue onward hiking which will take involves until end of the planned trek.
Trekking in Nepeal
Some newly discovered route like Dhawalagiri, Great Himalaya trek you may have camp some part of trek, but famous trek like ABC, ACT and EBC there are lot of tea house you can star, eat and rest. However if you still like to camp than there is no restriction to your camping trek almost every route.
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