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How long does it take to reach major city of Nepal from Kathmandu?

What is the best way to travel main other city like Pokhara, Chitwan,Lumbini and others? Waht are the way of travel there?

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Laxmi 4 months ago
Kathmandu-Pokhara 200 KM
Kathmandu-NarayanGhat 135Km-Shouraha 160KM
Kathmandu-Lumbini 260KM
Kathmandu-Biragang 136 KM for Kulekhani
Kathmnadu-Biratnagar 380KM
Kathmandu-Beni 300KM
Kathmandu-Mustang 390KM
Kathmandu-Manang 270 KM
Kathmandu-Nepalgunj 516KM
Kathmandu-Mahendranagar 700 KM
Kathmnadu- Surkhet 601 KM
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