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What are the top public/private company in Nepal?

With respect to money, invest, the income they made and the output of the company, which are the top ranking company in Nepal?

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Laxmi 5 months ago
Nepal also has such multinational companies that produce goods for other nations as well. Here is a list of top 10 big companies in Nepal:

1 Unilever Nepal: It is one of the old multinational company which has been able to expand its branches and able to make people their consumers all over the country. This company deals with the production of many goods such as shampoo, soap, salt, flour, ice-cream, tea, coffee, etc. Unilever also sells its products in more than 50 countries including USA, Brazil, India, Germany, etc.

2 Dabur Nepal: Probably, many people in Nepal have used at least one of the products of Dabur Nepal and those who haven’t used it has surely heard of this brand name. It has influenced a lot of people in India and Nepal with its product choices. Dabur is also known for its production of Ayurvedic medicines. The brand ambassador for Dabur Nepal is none other than the megastar Rajesh Hamal. It has been working in Nepal in the field of health, food, digestives, home care, ayurvedic medicines, etc.

3 Nepal Battery (Union Carbide): One of the leading multinational company in Nepal in the sector of chemical manufacturing is Nepal Battery. It deals with supplying of various chemical to the organization doing business related to this sector. It is also one of the leading manufacturer of battery as it installs the required chemicals in a battery. This company belongs to US.

4 Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola is undoubtedly the world’s largest consumed beverage. Its beverage is easily found in all parts of almost every country. This company has been able leave a good impression on Nepalese people with its taste. It won’t be wrong to say that Nepalese people are addicted to this beverage. This beverage comes in different ranging from small to jumbo pack with small quotes written on them. It also has sugar-free Coca-Cola.

5 Pepsi: Pepsi is one of the competitor of Coca-Cola as it also has a different taste as a beverage. It is also one of the largest beverage in the world. Pepsi is also regarded as the substitute of Coca-Cola as the both of them has the same color and similar taste. It also has its variants like Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Wild, Zero Pepsi, Pepsi Next, etc. Pepsi is one of the largest multinational company in Nepal due to its variant product choices and awesome taste.

6 Crown Plaza: One of the largest companies operating its services in hotel and resorts is Crown Plaza. The company has built the largest chain of hotels and services all over the world with its satisfying services. In Nepal, it is named Soaltee Crown Plaza which is situated in Kathmandu. The Crown Plaza operates in 52 countries with more than 400 hotels which are usually located in city areas, near airports where there is more human involvement from all parts of the world.

7 L.G. Television: L.G. Television has been able to make a remark among Nepalese customers despite the competitiveness in the market of television. L.G. is one of the most leading brands in the context of electronic devices in our country. L.G. has also produced other electronic devices such as refrigerator, television, iron, etc.

8 Tuborg Beer: It is one of the most popular drink in Nepal. It is one of the most frequently consumed drink by the Nepalese youths as well as older people to reduce their tiredness and to relax oneself from all the stress of the day. Most of the people use it as a refreshment when they catch up with their relatives or friends. The company Tuborg originated from Denmark in 1873.

9 Jenson and Nicholson Point: It is one of the multinational company in Nepal which is operating its services in the sector of paints. Due to its variation in colors, its colors features, and its extreme quality, it has been able to leave a mark or impression on Nepalese consumers due to which many people prefer this paint for their home.

10 Wai Wai Noodles (CG Group): The first name that comes to the mind of Nepalese people when it comes to instant or fast food, it is Wai Wai. Not only in Nepal, but it has its expansion in almost all the countries in the world. It is also leading the noodles market in India after Maggi. Its aim is to win over the Indian noodles market in the coming five years.

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