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How to get new MRP Nepali Passport if I lost ?

What is the process of getting new passport if I lost the previous one in Nepal? Where to go and what is the procedure? What documentation should I need?

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Laxmi 3 months ago
After upgraded Nepali passport to an MRP getting a new one upon lost is really easy here is a few easy steps:-
Step 1: Bring Photocopy of your National ID (Citizenship) and previous passport (If you have).
Step 2: Fill the form Here is guidance and you can find the form in same website online, OR there is a place they help you to fill which charge you 100 Rs.
Step 3: Enter the Department of Passport (Parasta Mantralaya), Fill the bank voucher with corresponding amount.
Step 4: Visit Room no 23 to scan or report your previous lost passport .
Step 5: There is counter named one to seven visit any of them, first the officer of passport department scans or verify your passport if you filled correctly or not, If everything is well then you can processed to pay the amount in the same room next counter.
Step 6: After payment they suggest you to process next counter (F/H) where they take your photo live and give you the date to come and pick your passport.
Tara Chamling Rai 3 months ago
You didn't mention the cost though, can you please mention, how much fee should I need to remake my lost passport? How much time it take?
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