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What is the best way to sending money from Nepal to India?

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1. IME (International money express): How to transfer money from Nepal to India is not the so terrible task for conduction who has done these types of activities before but for the unknown person, it may create the problem of unexpected. So, to remove those types of problem, IME have made their establishment in the land of every market to perform the activities like transferring of money. IME deals with the international transaction and it also provides the services of transferring of money to any country of the worlds in receipts and sent.

2. State bank of India (SBI): It is one of the reputational banks of India operating their services in every province in India as well as in Nepal too by the authorization of Nepal Rastra Bank Nepal. It is has captured the Nepalese banking prints in their own control. It is also one of the reliable banks of Nepal and India. As it deserves the services in Nepal as well as in India due to its extensive network all over the country, much Nepalese are connected with it due to direct transfer of money in their account from Nepal. Many Indian people who live in Nepal are recently using this bank as the medium of exchange and sending or receiving the money at any time.

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