Nepali babu 10 months ago

What is the best place to invest money in Nepal?

What is the best field to invest money inside Nepal?

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Lokendra Khadka 10 months ago

Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal and rightly so. It is the largest source of foreign revenue. The major reasons why tourism can flourish as a business opportunity in Nepal are illustrated below:

Nepal possesses eight of the ten highest mountain peaks in the world.Nepal is a hotspot destination for rock climbers, mountaineer and adventure seekers.Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and the go-to destination to observe unique architecture and heritage.The number of international tourists entering Nepal is growing at an exponential rate, with foreign tourists staying in the country for an average of 11.78 days.Wilderness activities and the presence of unique flora and fauna is another reason why tourism is yet to flourish properly in Nepal.Each day, new routes, new destinations, new trials and new adventure activities are opening up in remote locations of Nepal, creating a void, to be filled in by carrying out tourism related activities to the locations.Nepal consists of highly skilled guides and porters, who can be hired for a comparatively lower wage.The warm and welcoming inhabitants of the country attract more and more tourists into the country every year.
Binita Khadka 10 months ago
Hydroelectricity Being one of the richest countries in terms of water resources, the potential that Nepal possesses in the sector of hydroelectricity is abundant. The perennial rivers in Nepal, as well as the steep geographic gradient of the country, provide ideal conditions for developing the largest hydroelectricity projects in the world. Nepal itself has not been able to use the resources that nature has gifted it, in order to create electricity, Electricity deficiency has always been a major problem in Nepal, and a business endeavor in creating electricity through water is an idea that is surely set to create profitable opportunities in the future

Almost 40% of Nepal’s population has no access to electricity.Nepal is in dire need to increase its energy dependent on electricity with hydropower development.Electricity demand in the country is increasing at a rate of 7-9% per year.Shortage during winter season makes the need to increase the production of electricity even more pronounced.There are about six thousand big and small rivers in Nepal. There are three major river basins namely Karnali, Koshi, and Gandaki.Many projects have been identified for development and the feasibility study for it has been carried out.
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